"It's a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die."

25 May
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'ello! I just signed up for livejournal.

I'm addicted to the internet. and Chapstick. and probably some other things, but we won't talk about that..

I'm a nice girl.... most of the time.
Some might say I'm a bit cynical, but I consider myself a 'realist'.
I’m eccentric, neurotic, and possibly a bit unstable. It’s all part of my charm. ;)
I change my mind a lot. I'm usually late. I feel at home when I’m in a library. I love amusement parks.

I want to travel the world and photograph everything along the way. I'd like to go to Africa and Asia first. The history of both is so amazing.

and I religiously read ONTD, even though I can't post comments.